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Soundchecking for BBC's 'The Voice'

It was very exciting and flattering to be asked back again (for the 4th time!) to perform for the judges rehearsal on the BBC's Show The Voice. For the last 3 years myself and my excellent singer friend, Gavin Jones have had the pleasure of meeting the fabulous crew that produce the show, as well as getting the chance to sing with an awesome band in front of Sir Tom Jones and Will I Am!

Anyway, this time they were expecting us and everyone except Rita Ora had met Gavin and myself before. They were all so lovely as usual and Ricky Wilson is such a lovely guy he insisted we all had a photo together! Sir Tom asked me again why I wasn't in the actual show but I can't audition now I've sung for them so often!

Can't wait to go back next year to do it all over again - so much fun!

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