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Fighting The Fairytale

Jennie is also a skilled recording artist with a strong musical background. She trained at Manchester's Royal Northern College of Music, and started her career as an opera singer.


However, her love of music began much earlier than her formal training. Both of Jennie's parents are folk musicians, making music an ever-present part of her childhood. She started writing songs at the age of ten, and is an accomplished instrumentalist as well as a talented vocalist.

'Fighting the Fairytale' is her first full album of original songs, released on her own label, Little Me Records.


It represents the culmination of a lifetime of musical passion and, though initially a daunting task, with the help and support of great family & friends and a selection of incredibly talented and dedicated musicians, Jennie has managed to create a highly personal collection of tracks that tell her life story so far.


From tales of childhood grazed elbows, to grown-up love songs written for her husband, Fighting the Fairytale is about setting other people's rules to one side, and living life on your own terms. It's not about seeking perfection, or regretting missed opportunities.


She is now currently in the process of recording a new EP  which will hopefully be out in the summer of 2021. 

Watch Jennie's video "Nothing":
Watch Jennie's recent video "Where You Are":
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