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Vocal Coaching


With her unique blend of classical and modern technique, Jennie is one of the most versatile performers and teachers in the North West.   Jennie's speciality is to apply a good, strong and safe technique to all types of singing.   

As well as teaching beginners, Jennie takes particular pride in mending voices that have perhaps been over-used, or previously trained in the 'wrong' way.   Her students are of all ages and all levels are welcome.

Some of her voice students have included Paul Heaton of 'The Beautiful South' and 'The Housemartins' and also Tom Ogden from Manchester band 'The Blossoms'.

It is never too late to start learning how to get the most out of your voice.

"Many professional singers assume they don't need help with their vocals but often they don't realise how much room there is for improvement.  It was only after going for lessons with Jennie that I realised how much I benefitted from them.  

She encouraged me to use my natural voice to its full potential and to develop the flexibility of my voice whilst increasing the range.   In turn, this gives you more choice as a performer and helps you learn to control your voice whilst singing in the safest way possible."


Paul Heaton

Lead Singer and band founder of The Beautiful South and The Housemartins

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